More About Jeff

“Jeff lived a genuine life, and it seemed to come so easy for him: his acceptance of others, his special attention to the poor, and his kind, compassionate, and non-judgmental demeanor. As I look back on the year of his passing from us, I am making the conscious choice to renew my commitment to these most Christlike virtues. Thank you, Jeff, for truly practicing what you preach.”

— Father Trey Nelson, Pastor, St. Jude Catholic Church


“I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with Jeff during my years in the CHS drumline. His dedication to CHS and the band program was truly inspiring. Jeff was a wonderful mentor to me and so many others, and I feel honored to have known him.”

— Scott Laughlin, Jeff’s student


“Jeff was the epitome of what Catholic High and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart strive for in molding young men into men of God. It was an honor to serve as a Student Minister under his watch and even bigger honor to witness his work of God while on this Earth. He was a model for all students and faculty to look to as a man of faith, character and selflessness.”

— Chandler Rome, Jeff’s student


“He showed students how to care for others, and in thanks, the school, students and faculty gave back to everyone they met. He was a great inspiration to me because of his outreaching arms and caring personality.”

— Chris Aldrich, Jeff’s student


“After Jeff became Campus Minister at CHS, his office became a counseling center for many of us. People always went to Jeff with their problems, but his new role made his ministry official. Jeff’s amazing gift was to be a great listener without feeding anyone’s anger, jealousy or pettiness.”

— Scott Losavio, former classmate and fellow Catholic High faculty member


“Jeff was a good friend, not just to me but to everyone he met. He was always there to lend a hand to anyone who needed it, was quick to forgive and humble almost to a fault.”

— Chris Macaluso, former classmate and friend


“I was a member of the CHS marching band and a student of Jeff’s. Jeff made a difference in my life and I will never forget him. May his memory live on in glory and that he is remembered as someone who was always willing to teach and always wanting to help.”

— Andrew Bayer, Jeff’s student


“Jeff was a gentle soul who was in love with life – that love brought a peace and quiet into whatever situation he found himself in, and his smile was the message that all is alright, and if it isn’t, it can be. His students sensed the care he had for them, as did the Navajo children that he worked with in the summers. Jeff had found early in life what many find only in later years, a wisdom and peace that places everything in gospel perspective.”

— Brother John Hotstream, SC, Director of St. Anne’s Mission, Klagetoh, AZ